Nightquinns call

The Only Way To Live....

I just filmed a video “Germany Hasn’t Seen This Many Explosions Since….” on #viddy

I just filmed a video “Methuselah Is A Sweet Victory Drink” on #viddy

Hey guys check out my cocktail if you please follow the link below and vote for it! Thanks x

The Counts Revenge

Hey guys, this is the Havana grand prix. This year the cocktail competition require a cocktail made with Havana 3 follow the link and check my counts revenge you’ll find it by viewing entries and scrolling to page 2 

Let me know what you think?

Thanks JQ

I’m a dude

Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order please?

Actually hanging out with people who read actual books……this is new to me

Chinese lantern fun in bingley.

Chinese lantern fun in bingley.

Fable 3

Here begins Fable 3 let’s see how long this takes to complete

Koko Mo

6 months in Koko Mo should be an interesting adventure :D